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These days everybody knows what nutritional supplements are, like vitamins and minerals. Many people take these products as a supplement to their foods. The last couple of years nutritional supplements have gotten more and more popular. They are a great addition to a healthy lifestyle and also for people who do not eat very healthy. Especially for this last group, taking a multivitamin or a couple of products like vitamins, minerals and omega 3, are welcome additions. We sell most products for daily nutrition and supplementation needs. From brands like NOW Foods, Lamberts Healthcare, Ortholon, Vitals and many more. Categories range from vitamins and minerals, to Fitness (BCAA), nutritional and dietary supplements.

Buy vitamins and minerals

The need for supplements has increased, not only because more people these days are health conscious, but also because natural foods contain less and less good nutrients as a result of harvest methods, which result in harvest grounds poor in essential nutrients. And so the foods harvested also are poor in these important nutrients. And so buying some supplements like vitamin C and vitamin D3 is a great idea to still get the amounts of nutrients we need on a daily basis.

A new line of products is known as liposomal products. We recommend you to take a look at our liposomal section. At the moment we have vitamin C, D, K, Glutathion and many more, encapsulated with liposomes, to get a 90% uptake rate, which is extremely high for a nutritional supplement and which guarantees a higher effectiveness. This does certainly not mean that normal products are not good, but some people have a low uptake and can use some liposomal power!

Nutritional and Fitness supplements

To inform our customers about our supplements, we provide adequate information on most product pages, useful and important information so our customers can make educated choices and end up with a vitamin supplement or another nutritional product which best suit their needs. As buy and stock our online shop with as many natural nutrients as possible to make sure people get the quality they are looking. Biological active vitamins are another important factor we look for, to make sure the products are effective, so our customers get the results they are looking for, when they choose to buy a supplement. Fitness supplements are another type of product we sell. Like proteins, BCAA amino acids and energy bars for sporty people and NZVT and doping free products for professional athletes and anyone who needs supplements of the highest quality possible.