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Multivitamins are supplements with multiple natural vitamins and often natural herbs for a better absorption by the body. A product is afterall only effective if the body can use the nutrients. We sell a lot of diffent product with specialised formulation and dosages. What dosages you need is dependent on sex and age. Children need smaller dosages and so we also have a categorie especially for kinds. A multivitamin is a comprehensive and is a great additon to the daily diet. However we make a distinction between a normal and special multi. A special multi (separate category) is more specifically aimed at a particular purpose, and a general multivitamin often has only the basic nutrients which everyone need on a daily basis. Multivitamins also often contain: minerals, amino acids, pro-hormones, natural herbs, enzymes and more. We advise you to take on a daily multivitamin to use as a addition to your food. These days foods contain less and less good nutrients and a supplement is in most cases not a luxury!