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Having a cold is often quite annoying and some people experience it multiple times a year even during the summer season. We sell cold products which relieve the irritation symptoms. A Cold is an inflammation in the mucous membrane of the nose and the cavities. In many cases this inflammation is caused by a virus. The inflamed mucous membranes of the nose swells and later on blocks the nose. Which can cause headache and discomfort. In most cases these colds are nothing to worry about but it is often fine to alleviate the symptoms so you can feel better. These products reduce the swelling of the mucous membrane. It may also be nice to go steaming in addition to using these products. Fill a bucket of hot water, add some inhalation capsules and breathe in the hot steam by nose. When you suffer from headaches or you are not so sick you can also take a paracetamol. It is recommended not to keep a cold unattended for to long, because of infection risk!