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Many gluten-free products made from natural ingredients. These days many people eat or try to eat gluten free products. There is a lot of false advertising like spelt bread being free of gluten, which is not always the case! We selected a lot of good products from trusted brands. Good quality products in a wide variety to we have all the products you need on a daily basis. We have a lot of breas, candy, snacks and meals all free of gluten. We have a lot of tasty products and really good products, eating gluten free was never this easy. We also have a lot of baking products to make your own meals and breads. This diet must always be carefully followed, because once many people even not tolerate very small amount of gluten, which results in damage to the small intestine. Because gluten naturally occur in almost all types of cereals, think of bread, crackers, pizza, pasta and such. Many products are naturally gluten-free, such as rice, potatoes, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds, fish, meat, eggs, milk, butter and oil. Please take a look in our online shop!