SSL secure website

 We use encrypted SSL connections to secure al our traffic and your personal information! We not only have a secured payment page, but our entire website is HTTPS (SSL) encrypted!

Secure website

An important aspect of every webshop is good security. We have taken a lot of precautions to make our website secure, so you personal information is save on our website and we so not save financial data on our website. We use 2048 bit encrypted SSL connections of Comodo. This encryption takes care of securing not only the data between the customer and our website, but also between our customers and our payment methods. And as we previously stated, is that we do not save financial data on our computer. This also means no credit card data!

Trust is very important for us and our customers. We want your trust and also keep it, that is why we take our security very seriously. Not only security but also the way we handle our customer information is important. We do not sell customer information or give it to third parties, other that for payment purposes and shipping purposes. We will not ask you for financial information on our website. You only have to give this information on the appropriate websites, like your bank site or Paypal.

We use SSL from: Commodo!

Warning: SSL 3.0 is no longer save, so if you use an old computer, you can no longer use Paypal as of 3 Dec 2014.