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You can buy all Plantina products in our online webshop. Always discount and fast delivery in EU and international countries! Good health is very important. Therefore, nutrients such as vitamins and minerals are essential for keeping you healthy. These nutrients are required by the body, to keep als bodily functions operating. That is why Platinum developed nutritional supplements. These supplements are no replacement for a healthy diet, but supplement a diet. Plantina aims to help people maintain good health.

Why choose Plantina products?
  • - Natural high quality.
  • - Free from genetic-modified materials and contain as little additives as possible:.
  • - Supplements usually contain a high dosage.
  • - Guaranteed free from gluten, yeast, milk files, preservatives, synthetic colors, flavors and fragrances. (hypoallergenic)
  • - Number of products have a NOC/NSF certification and certified.
  • - HACCP rules and strict product testing by GMP
  • - All products are periodically checked by the food and consumer product safety authority (VWA).

The Orthomolecular concept
Dr. Gert e. Schuitemaker is the founder and Director of the Ortho Institute. He introduced the orthomolecular concept in the 80 's and has long been the Centre of expertise in the field of orthomolecular science in Netherlands. He has developed products for Plantina. Beside that he is editor-in-Chief of the magazines ORTHO and Fit with diet has also founded the MBOG Sabbah, this is a professional association for Orthomolecular doctors and therapists.

Quality also for top athletes
Mr. Elsedien de Groot is since 1993 Director of The Ortho Company B.V. and has is owner of the brand name Platinum in The Netherlands. She has focused on elite athletes and young talents and believes that nutritional supplements can support sports performance. Therefore, some products of Plantina are checked according to the NOC/NSF-system. With this system are food supplements checked on the absence of doping, forbidden substances. These positive doping controls, attributes to top athletes being able to use supplements, without risk of breaking regulations.

Plantina products scientifically based
Many supplements of Plantina are supported by scientific research. Because there are many studies and scientific investigations done by doctors, nutritionists, therapists and pharmacists, to give detailed information on the operation of nutrients of Plantina, and in so doing can give a lot of information on effects etc. So we can strengthen and expand the underpinnings of our supplements.

Product questions
Question: can I use plantina products when I have gluten allergy?
Answer: Yes, all products of Plantina are gluten-free and also free of: yeast, milk, preservatives, synthetic colors, flavors and fragrances. With plantina you have a wide range with natural products, without unnecessary added genetic-modified fabrics.
Question: Is the multi junior only suitable for children?
Answer: as the name implies, this product is specially formulated for children. As an adult you can take such a product, but often the dosage is simply too low for the needs of an adult. The other way around however a product for adults may never be given to a child.
Question: I saw that Plantina also sells ‘coénzym Q10’, in what forms do they have it?
Answer: Plantina has 2 product lines with Q10 supplements, one with regular Q10: Plantina coenzym Q10 50mg and the other product line with a more active form of Coenzyme Q10: Plantina coenzym Q10 active 50mg. The ordinary Q10 comes in 75, 90, 150, 240 and the active form in 60 and 130 capsules.
Question: Which products are according to the NOC/NSF-rules?
Answer: Springfield has produced the following supplements, that meet the standards of NOC/NSF: Yolac 5 capsules, magnesium, n-acetyl cysteine, d-ribose, quercetin, vitamin C 1000 mg and vitamin D 600IE.
Question: Is it Trimare fish oil supplement of Platinum also high dosed?
Answer: this supplement of Plantina is dosed properly, since the 1000mg omega 3 fatty acids including 300 mg EPA and 200 mg DHA. It also contains 400 mg other fatty acids. To increase biological availability, vitamin E is added.
Question: what products of Platinum you have in the range?
Answer: we sell the whole range of plantina products. At the moment more than 42 products.
Question: If I order a product and I'm not at home on the delivery day, what happens then with my product?
Answer: first of all, a product does not necessarily be delivered on a street address, you can also send to your work location. If you are not at home then the package is offered the next day, starting with the first following working day.

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