Below are a series of authorities in our nutritional supplements industry, here you can find official information about supplements, nutrition and law.

Voedingscentrum :Is a website where you can find a lot of information about Vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. What doses you need to take on a daily basis and a lot of information about nutritional values in food.

Centrum voor ethiek en gezondheid: The Center for Ethics and Health one of the official website of the government with lots of news and information about scientific discoveries in the field of health and nutritional supplements. Here you can find a lot of information about health related topics.

Gezondheidsraad: The Health Council of the Netherlands is an official body that provides information about nutrition and health. It is a body which gives advice about what Dutch people should eat on a daily basis. A lot of information about dosages of nutrients that people are needed.

Nieuwe voeding en waren autoriteit: Is the inspection organ in the Netherlands concerning health related products and wares. It checks if products and food are made according to regulation.