Frequently asked questions from customers

The list of frequently asked questions will, from time to time be supplemented with new questions.

General questions:

Question1: How long does it take before I receive my products?

Answer1: If you ordered before 20:30 in the evening, you will receive your order the next day when you live in The Netherlands of Belgium. For other countries see . 

Question2: I always find it a little scary to order by internet order due to concerns about safety, can I order securily at your webshop?

Answer2: The website of Supplements Europe uses SSL encryption on the whole website and all payment systems are secure like iDeal, Paypay. Because of all this safety systems, you can safely order! The new owners of VSN are Nova VItae BV a company that is for 45 years in the industry.

Question3: If I order, will my personal data be handled confidentially?

Answer3: All customer data is being kept secure and is being treated confidentially. We also do not save creditcard information or other payment information on our website. This is handles by the payment profiders themselves.

Question4: Why is there a standard 10-25% discount on products? Are your products not new or almost expired?

Answer4: No, the reason for this standard discount is because we do not have a physical store, because of this our overhead costs are a little bit lower and so we can sell our products for a lower price.

Question5: I do not quite know which product I need to buy, because there are so many products in each category. Can you give advice?

Answer5: Yes, we are happy to provide you with personal advice, so you buy the product that best suits your needs. This advice is absolutely free, so please feel free to contact us. We prefer product questions via email. Email will be answered soon. You can Question via the online chat, or the form: ‘contact form’.

Question6: If I cannot find my product on the website?

Answer6: We have 65000+ products in our assortment, in case you cannot find a product, you better contact us, because a product can have a new name or is discontinued. In the case of the latter, we can recommend you another product. Because of the number of products we sell, we always have a replacement product.

Product related questions:

Question1: Can a supplement give my adequate supply of nutrients, instead of a healthy and varied diet?

Answer1: No, a supplement is not a substitute for a healthy and varied diet. A supplement only supplements the diet. Supplements do have an important function in case you have a shortage or do not as healthy as you should.

Do you have any questions that are not in the list, than send it to us and we will answer it and place it on this page for other customers.

Thank you for your confidence,

Supplements Europe